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We provide services of consulting on the best insurance programs available in the current Cyprus insurance market.


Health Insurance for Immigration


In most cases documentation packages required by Cyprus migration authorities for residence and immigration permits’ applications contain a certificate of health insurance. There are defined prerequisites for such health insurance depending on a type of a sought permit.  


For a residence permit of category Visitor an applicant should provide to the Cyprus Migration Department a certificate of health insurance for medical care that covers inpatient and outpatient care and transportation of corpse (known as Plan A or Foreigners Medical Plan). It should be noted that if a person intends to obtain a residence permit of category Visitor for a period of one year a certificate of health insurance should be valid within one year as well. 


For an immigration permit of category F’s application submission is required to attach a health insurance policy. It is advisable to have proven that such insurance policy has coverage of at least one year, it has been paid and can be renewed provided the premiums is paid.


We can advice you which certificates of health insurance and health insurance polices satisfy all the requirements imposed by migration authorities and to instruct you on costs and contacts of insurance companies. 


We can also provide you support in taking out of policies of other types of insurance (life insurance, auto insurance, disability insurance, profession liability insurance etc.).